Luxury GLAMPING Tents

Creating your dream getaway to set up on a platform in the trees, overlooking a lake, or in your own backyard, is as simple as choosing a size that fits your needs. We build tents from 8’ x 10’ to 18’ x 23,’ and our most popular sizes are 12’ x 14’, which fits a one-room furniture setup nicely, or 14’ x 20’, which allows for multiple sleeping options.

Choose from the following standard & Customized Features:

  • Full-length ridge pole reinforcement with additional reinforcement at the gable ends.
  • Eaves constructed of a double layer of canvas, double stitched.
  • End wall seams using six layers of double lock-stitched canvas.
  • Side walls are 5’ tall.
  • A 7′ 6″ zippered front door with an option for a screen door.
  • Multiple screened window options are available, ranging from a standard 24” tall x 30” wide to the even larger 30”x48”.
  • Tent bottom reinforced with webbing, including grommets, allow you to attach the tent to a platform, deck or the ground.
  • Complete with 200’ of ¼” black polyester rope and rope tension adjusters.
  • Newly designed zippered tent storage bag.
  • Repair kit and set up instructions.